Enterprise mobility solution-SmartFieldForce™

Designed for both mobile users in the field and business users who want anytime access, SmartFieldForce extends business processes to any device accessible even in disconnected or offline mode.

Automate field activities, streamline every stage of the business cycle, and increase resource productivity, by tracking business information and synchronizing data with network access.

  • support for online and offline mode of working
  • compression and encryption during data transaction
  • efficient capture of text and image based data
  • support GPS tracking and Bluetooth printing

Sales Deployment

  • instant order processing
  • real time information interchange
  • reduced sales cycle
  • enhanced productivity
  • avoid data duplication

Service Deployment

  • automated geography-based task allocation
  • instant retrieval of service history
  • immediate spare parts/ back up request
  • enhanced service delivery
  • deeper visibility and controllability improves the sales/FieldForce's insights
  • track on business information throughout the sales cycle

Survey Deployment

  • instant data capture
  • on-field tracking of representatives
  • immediate bucketing of data
  • authenticated survey mechanism
  • negate human errors
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