Skill and Assessment Suite

Integrated 360° end-to-end offering for registration, assessments and accreditation needs

Sify's Skill & Assessment suite is an end-to-end online registration, assessment and test administration system that relieves organizations from heavy operations and administrative costs.

Sify’s online registration & assessment engine offers flexibility in customization applications and configuring tests based on specific requirements.

Admission Management Solution

Sify’s web-enabled registration & assessment engine helps cut down cost on time-consuming manual operations by automating the admission process:

  • application tracking system
  • application processing
  • exam management
  • results processing

Recruitment Management Solution

Sify’s web-enabled registration & assessment engine helps select the right candidate by sifting candidates based on predefined metrics:

  • online application registration
  • application tracking system
  • test & assessment management

Employee Skill Assessment Solution

Sify's Skill & Assessment suite helps enterprises continuously assess employee’s knowledge, draw up customized training plans, intelligently allocate resources and improve profitability:

  • skill compliance tests
  • performance management
  • appraisal systems

Practice Test Solution

As part of its practice test solutions, Sify’s Skill & Assessment suite provides real-time exposure to varied test-formats by deploying its cheat proof assessment environment with multi-level security:

  • aptitude tests
  • preliminary tests
  • technical and non-technical tests

Online Registration and Assessment Engine

Sify’s Skill & Assessment suite enables customization of a registration engine to draw-up unique fields with validations to check the suitability of data entered. Sify offers a cheat-proof assessment environment with provision for centralized upload of question papers:

  • user friendly interface
  • instant result declaration
  • drilled-down reports for decision-making
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