Recruitment Management Solution

Innovative information system to streamline your recruitment process

Sify's Recruitment Management solution allows organizations to manage every stage of the recruitment process efficiently - from sifting a large number of applications, tracking candidates based on predefined criteria to assessing the academic and professional qualifications of the candidates.

This online recruitment management system is a robust, scalable and high performance automation solution that enables organizations select the right candidate every time.

Reduced Time-per-hire and Cost-per-hire

Sify’s Recruitment Management solution helps create and maintain a massive databank of prospective candidates that can be searched, filtered, updated and modified. The solutions enables the organization to plan and execute recruitment processes in a streamlined manner and reduce time-per-hire and cost-per-hire.

Increased Efficiency of Recruitment Process

Sify’s Recruitment Management solution facilitates faster, unbiased, accurate and reliable processing, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple systems to execute the various stages of the recruitment processes.

Custom Recruitment Engine

  • create job descriptions, job requisitions
  • set-up communication schedules to candidates/consultants
  • search/filter/short list profiles
  • forward profiles to consultants
  • upload & generate question paper
  • generate test logins
  • retrieve test results
  • schedule/re-schedule interviews
  • generate offer/appointment letters


  • online registration & application processing
  • application tracking system
  • online & offline exam management
  • instant results processing
  • integrated search facility on existing and archived data
  • drilled-down reports for analysis
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