Microsoft SQL Enterprise Solutions

Expand your business with real-time insights

The digital workplace is creating virtual mountains of data every single day. To manage this data explosion and analyse it to gain key insights has become critical to companies across industries. More and more businesses have realised that data, if harnessed properly, can create immense value for their organisations.

SQL Server ensures that legacy applications are seamlessly integrated to cloud based services and the latest analytical tools are applied to all this historical data to forecast future trends.

This combination of cloud services with advanced Business Intelligence makes SQL Server the best-in-the-industry for data management and analysis. Gartner Magic Quadrant has also declared SQL Server and Microsoft as the leader in the vision and execution for core databases.

Defining Features

Highest performing database

The latest in-memory Online transaction processing (OLTP) solution enables up to 30 times faster transactions and more than 100 times faster queries than legacy solutions. The resulting boost in speed and agility is tailor-made for mission critical situations.


With employees using various devices and networks to access data either on the cloud or stored in diverse locations, data security is at risk. To address this threat SQL Server has added new security layers like Always Encrypted and Row-Level Security. It has been rated the least vulnerable database 6 years in a row by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

AlwaysOn feature

The modern business demands a 24x7 environment and availability of data and applications without downtime is widely expected. SQL Server 2016 has upgraded its AlwaysOn feature to include high-availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Whether your business requires traditional on-premises servers or private or public cloud solutions, SQL Server is the perfect tool to create the best hybrid cloud solution for your company.


Scalability options are a big part of any future business planning. SQL Server is built to scale easily and fast to match your business needs.


SQL Server provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for Tier 1 workloads.

Service Offerings

  • SQL 2005 End of Life
    Seamless integration of your sunset applications
  • SQL 2008 upgrade
    Smooth upgradation of your old applications to SQL 2016
  • Business Intelligence as a Service
    Use hosted BI Services to gain key insights into your data.
  • SQL Server R Services
    Build applications to get faster insights by using in-database analytics
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
    Gain real-time insights on mobile devices, regardless of the operating system and even when you are offline.
  • Transact-SQL on Hadoop
    Manage big data easily with simple T-SQL commands that queries Hadoop framework.


  • Legacy data integration
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Scale on demand

Managed Services

  • SQL Database management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • End-to-end migration of Legacy applications

Why Sify

  • Skilled at deploying and upgrading SQL Server
  • Best Integration and technical capabilities
  • Dedicated certified delivery team
  • Proficient at setting up Hybrid cloud services
  • Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider partner
  • Silver Certification in cloud management
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