Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Solutions

Productivity and communications tool for your on-the-go business

The modern business demands a flexible workplace, but without compromising on quality. Microsoft’s Office 365 uses the cloud platform to provide the right environment to let your employees be their productive best.

Office 365 is the best-in-class productivity tool, which includes branded email service, presentation applications such as PowerPoint, Sway and Video along with a host of communication and collaboration tools.

Whether you are sitting at your desk or stuck in a traffic jam, with just a click, you can access all your work related documents and office tools – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

24x7 Access to people and data

Microsoft OneDrive enables you can store your data on the cloud and access, edit and save your files on the go.

Powerful tools like Calendar, People, Yammer and Newsfeed makes it easy to find and connect with employees across the company.

Communicate and Collaborate

Top-of-the-line communication tools; Skype, SharePoint, Delve & Outlook, keep all your stakeholders connected and facilitates real time collaboration with clear audio and HD video calls, email, messaging & content sharing.

Increased Productivity

Office 365 is designed to empower your employees to get more done with top-of-the-line tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Planner, Tasks & OneNote.


Microsoft has been building secure workspaces for decades and they bring this expertise to Office 365. Along with enterprise-grade security you also get complete control of your account features.

Future Scalability

With Office 365’s cloud based services, businesses can easily manage scale with minimal additional costs. You can meet the demands of your growing workforce with per user licensing.

Proven Credibility

Office 365 is the most used productivity and communication suite across the globe. With almost 70% of Fortune 500 companies using Office 365, it has proven to be extremely reliable.

Other Advantages

  1. Cost benefits
    You can benefit from all the powerful productivity tools without breaking the bank. Flexible subscription payments will also reduce your up-front costs.
  2. Business Intelligence
    Gain key insights into industry trends with fast data processing and analysis.
  3. Work with the latest technology
    You will never be stuck with out-of-date versions, as you get instant access to all new updates as part of your subscription.
  4. Available across devices
    Employees can access Office 365 on any device of your choice – Computer, tablet or mobile. Each user can install and access all the tools of up to 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices.
  5. Cloud service availability
    With all your data on the cloud, service availbilty is mission critical.
    Office 365 offers financially backed guaranty for 99.9% uptime.
  6. Mobile Device Management
    With more and more work being done on mobile devices it is critical to secure the information kept on these devices. Office 365 enables you to secure your devices and even remotely wipe the data in devices that are lost or stolen.


  • Seamless communication and collaboration
  • Scalability with minimal cost
  • Reduced cost

Managed Services

  • Dedicated 24x7 technical support
  • Complete support for complex deployment
  • Smooth data migration and integration

Why Sify?

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