Managed SAP Infrastructure services

As businesses grow, business computing environments are undergoing a massive transformation, as IT managers turn to virtualization and Cloud computing to promote efficiency, increase agility, and reduce costs. IT managers are expected to support a combination of virtualization and Cloud computing along with traditional IT in a constant endeavor to ‘do more with less’ in a dynamic economic environment. To help control their IT costs and increase business agility, many SAP customers are also turning to virtualization and Cloud (hitherto used primarily for scale out requirements of non-critical workloads) to leverage the different deployment models offered by service providers.

Sify leverages its core strengths and competencies developed in the area of hosting environments, Cloud and Managed services over the last decade to deploy SAP infrastructure on the Cloud as a means to bring significant value to its customers. SAP infrastructure environments can be provisioned dynamically in conjunction with technical and managed services on a long term services model.

SAP implementation is a complex project for any organization and comes with its own share of complexities on the associated infrastructure layer, which can result in significant operational and administrative overheads, limiting the focus on more important business related issues. SME organizations in particular which have limited IT budgets, skills and resources, can be severely constrained in establishing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure layer for SAP. Sify’s infrastructure provisioning services for SAP, with flexible deployment options, help customers realize predictable outcomes & benefits like greater operational continuity, reduced administrative time, effort and cost, increased operational agility, reduced energy consumption and minimized e-waste.

Sify’s Managed SAP Infrastructure services offers SLA-based services that provide customizable security, flexibility and freedom. Qualified specialists ensure that the SAP infrastructure is run professionally. Services include but are not limited to administration of SAP IT infrastructure, back-up and recovery, patch management, SAP basis administration & monitoring, incident & event management, capacity planning, etc.

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