Sify Forum NXT™

Designed to give complete control of front-end supply chain management across the widest distribution network

Connects the principal organization with supply chain members and it can be integrated with legacy ERP. Forum NXT and comes with hosting services on request.

Electronic exchange of vital business documents and notifications including new products, price revisions, schemes, purchase orders, invoices, sales, stock and outstanding statements real-time

Forum NXT has an inbuilt inventory management and financial accounting software to perform routine business operations. It automates the sales force using its mobility solution for order tracking, market surveys, etc.

Forum NXT comes with simple solutions to match varied business requirements

  • Forum Express: Simplified browser based solution
  • Forum Enterprise: Comprehensive browser based online solution
  • Forum Standard: Comprehensive client-server based solution

Streamlined process with real-time synchronization between participants in the entire distribution chain

  • Complete visibility of supply chain
  • Accurate date accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Quicker response to customer needs

More productive salesforce with an outstretched distribution network that enables

  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Less time spent on operational activity
  • Real-time market information
  • Improved forecasting and planning

Complete control over distribution chain with swift response to the dynamic market

  • Quick product, price or scheme revision
  • Up-to-date inventory across all regions
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased efficiency
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