Employee Skill Assessment Solution

Intelligently allocate resources & improve profitability

Sify's Employee Skill Assessment solution is a robust, reliable and advanced computerized testing application to assess an employee's product & market knowledge.

Linked with the performance management system, the solution enables the development of employee specific training plans and intelligent allocation of resources to improve overall profitability.

Strategic succession planning

Sify's Employee Skill Assessment solution helps create individual career development plans, department-level training programs, succession plans and plan strategic learning and development plans.

Efficiently evaluate, develop & deploy workforce

Sify's Employee Skill Assessment solution enables enterprises to obtain insightful information about the skill and competency level of workforce to improve their ability and productivity. The solution helps measure all aspects of the workforce in a comprehensive, efficient and integrated way to develop and deploy resources to meet current and future strategic objectives.


  • question paper can be designed and uploaded by company experts
  • WAN and LAN-based test option with centralized control for QP upload, generation and test delivery
  • test engine capable of handling multilingual tests
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