Content Management Consulting

Sify can help assess an organization’s current content management strategies and practices, identify gaps and propose recommendations to address those gaps.

The service will include assessing the various entities in industry, best practices, standards & guidelines followed in the learning content management ecosystem for content inventory, learners, accessibility, content architecture, learning content development strategies, learning content testing strategies, content security, repository analysis and content updates and maintenance.

Through such a consulting exercise, Sify can help address inefficiency and ineffectiveness in areas such as:

  • content repository structure and standards
  • content inventory and architecture
  • learning needs analysis
  • content creation
  • content testing and deployment
  • content communication, assignment and reporting
  • content management sustenance process

Sify’s methodology involves sequenced data analysis, discussions with key entities and stakeholders, online surveys and documentation reviews to ensure the maintenance of a sustainable learning content management system.

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